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About the competition

The HELL Boxing Kings is a completely unique, innovative, and exciting series of competitions in 10 countries, looking for champions in 4 weight classes. 

You can reach the glamour of stardom from the obscurity of the unknown during the competition series!

Be prepared, be humble, be diligent because your time has come!

Here, now, it's all up to you to show your skills and your will that is in you!

Seize the opportunity of your life and don't hesitate to apply now!

You set your own boundaries, and it's only up to you when you exceed them!

The finals will take place as a Las Vegas high-standard gala!

You determine your dreams; HELL Boxing Kings provides the opportunity!


Roy Jones Jr.

The face and ambassador of the event is Roy Jones Jr., one of the greatest boxers of all time, the world champion in four weight classes.