The competition process:


1st Phase (February to mid-May) - online application and casting

All the important information about online registration can be found here on the HELL Boxing Kings website. 

After the online application process, a casting will start, with the participation of candidates selected by the organizers, who will be entered in the 4 weight categories. 

Casting in all 10 countries, with planned locations and tasks to test physical fitness and dexterity. At the same time, there will be no more fighting for the candidates during the casting.

4 people per country per weight group will be selected. 

In each weight category, 3 competitors will be selected by the organizers on the basis of professional criteria, while the 4th competitor will be decided by public votes. 


The organizer reserves the right to extend the application deadline - depending on online applications up to the closing of the casting events, including the possibility to apply and be selected in person at the casting events - in order to ensure the number of competitors selected for the qualification rounds in all 10 countries in accordance with the professional objectives of the HELL Boxing Kings.



2nd Phase (mid-June) - qualifying matches under amateur rules - time 3 x 3 minutes

Phase 2 will take place in Hungary.

At the end of Phase 2, 8 people per weight group will advance.

In phase 2, the competitors will compete in a 5-day tournament, with a maximum of 40 boards per weight category.

At this stage, competitors can advance to stage 3 with a maximum of 3 matches. 

The successful competitors will be highlighted on board 40.


Date: 18-22 June, 2024. Location: DVTK Arena (Miskolc, Hungary)
1-day ticket for adults 3000 HUF
1-day ticket for students and elderly people 2000 HUF  
5-days ticket for adults 10 000 HUF
5-days ticket for students and elderly people 7000 HUF
The ticket office is open every day of the event from 7:30 to 19:00.
Tickets can only be purchased at the venue’s ticket office.

3rd Phase (November-December) - quarter-finals and semi-finals matches according to professional rules - time 4 x 3 minutes

Phase 3 will take place in Hungary. The matches will be broadcast live on television and will be played to the highest professional and technical standards.

8 competitors per weight group, total number of competitors in the 4 weight groups: 32.

In this phase, the competitors will play 2 matches to advance to phase 4, the final.

From Phase 3, 2 players per weight group will advance to the final in December.

The programme will also include CELEB matches in 3 celebrity weight categories.



4th Phase (22 December) - final matches under professional rules - 6 x 3 minutes

Final matches are expected to be broadcast live on television and will be held to the highest professional and technical standards.

Thousands of spectators are expected at the Miskolc venue. Many well-known stars, star athletes, celebrities and VIPs will be in attendance.

Expect millions of viewers in front of their TV sets!


Cash prizes (by weight category)


During the qualification rounds, quarter-finals and semi-finals, the competitors participating in each event will be entitled to a match fee. Depending on the result, this will amount to USD 1 000 per event, for the losing competitor and USD 1 500 per event, for the winning competitor, to support their travel and other expenses! 


3rd place: 10 000 USD!

2nd place: 30 000 USD!

1st place: 100 000 USD!


Participating competitors are not entitled to any further compensation or remuneration in addition to the match prize and the prize money for the places I-III.