Frequently Asked Questions


-                 Where exactly can I apply?

You can register via the following link: 


-                 Why female boxers are not allowed to participate in the competition?

When we created the HELL Boxing Kings competition calendar, it was important for us not to hinder the preparation of male and female amateur boxers for outstanding international competitions. In the case of men, the competition series does not conflict with the European Championship or the Olympics. For women, this year, an amateur female boxing world championship is being held, and an official announcement regarding its schedule has not been made. One of the main goals of HELL Boxing Kings is to promote amateur boxing, so we did not want to impede the preparation of female competitors or force them to choose between the competition series due to a potential scheduling conflict. Nevertheless, there will be an opportunity to cheer for female boxers during HELL Boxing Kings, as we have launched a category for them also, in the celebrity category.


-                What information do I need to fill in on the application form?

The sections marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Other information is optional but recommended.


-                 Is there an entry fee for this competition?

Registration for the competition is free.


-                Are there any costs associated with participation, e.g. travel to casting locations, accommodation, meals during casting, etc. 

All participants will make their own travel, accommodation, and catering arrangements for the event. Competitors' expenses may be covered by their club or even their national federation. 


-                 For events in Hungary, who pays for the participants' travel costs and does the organizer provide accommodation? 

From the qualifying matches onwards, all competitors will receive a cash prize to support their travel and other expenses. 


-                 How will I know where and when to go for casting?

The organizers will inform the selected applicants by phone or electronically about the casting date.

-                 What should I wear to the casting?

It is advisable to come in sportswear, as there will also be a physical assessment. Changing clothes will be available at the casting location, but showers will not. You are advised to bring your own bandage, comfortable and clean sports shoes and comfortable sportswear.


-                  Can I go to the casting alone or can my friend accompany me?

There are no restrictions, you can arrive alone or accompanied, but the casting process is expected to take several hours.  Important information about the casting is that chaperones are only allowed to accompany applicants as far as the registration desk in the lobby.


-                  What will the physical tests be?

Physical tests will not be demanding for an active athlete. Among other things, there will be a test of impact strength, followed by a training session with a coach, and a short period of bag exercises, cover ball (reflex ball) and jump rope.


-                  Will there be a competition during the casting?

There will be no competition for applicants! As the candidates may come to the selection stage with very different levels of physical and technical ability, it would not be possible to ensure a proper professional and medical management. 


-                  Approximately how long will casting take for one person?

Getting on the waiting list can be a time-consuming process, but once you are on the waiting list, you can expect a significantly shorter time to apply. After filling in the registration form, there will be a quick health check, a weigh-in (no more than 5 kg off the named weight), a physical and, depending on the number of applicants, a separate report with a few applicants. The casting itself takes about 15-20 minutes.


-                  When will I know if I have been selected for the competition?

All participants will be informed of the result by 20 May 2024 at the latest.


-                  Do I need to be a certified competitor?

Not required before the casting but required for the amateur rules competition in June. It is just an administrative process, and most cities have boxing clubs. If the selected competitor encounters difficulties with the certification, the HELL Boxing Kings organizers can assist with this.


-                Is a family doctor certificate sufficient to start?

For casting, a medical certificate from an occupational physician or a sports doctor (with a stamp suitable for sports) is required. For the June competition, only the sports doctor's certificate will be accepted. The medical certificate is in the personal interest of each applicant and is valid for one full year from the date of issue.